Can’t Get Enough Colour Cardigan


After having spent lots of time making a jumper that wouldn’t fit my baby for at least a year, I thought I should make something that hopefully will fit when he is born.

I am using a pattern by Peter Pan, which isn’t normally my favourite company as they tend to publish more traditional patterns, but this one was so cute I couldn’t resist. It has a little girl on the front but the pattern includes details for a slightly different ‘boy’ version of the same sweater. It’s called a basket weave pattern, which provides lots of texture.

Because I’m not a big fan of Peter Pan/Wendy wools, I looked for something more exciting. In the end I chose Debbie Bliss ‘Eco Baby Prints’ in colour 56003. All the colours in this range are lovely, but I’ve always been interesting in strong colours, rather than pastels so I had to go with this one. It is cotton, which I normally don’t like working with, but I had no problems with this wool and it knitted up beautifully.


Choosing the wool then seemed easier than choosing the buttons! I spents AGES trying to choose. I always like to go for different buttons and that of course made it more difficult. Because there is lots of orange in the wool I picked simple orange buttons and then tried to choose two cool colours to counter the warm colours in the wool. The green suns are brilliant, although the lady at the wool shop pointed out that they could make buttoning up difficult with a squirmy baby. I admit I put cuteness over practicality this time. As you can see from the picture below, the blue buttons seems to get a little darker from top to bottom. They are also slightly textured. As the final touch I used yellow thread to sew the buttons on.

Now to pray that I don’t have a massive baby and this cute cardigan fits!



After years of knitting for other people and other people’s babies, I’m finally getting to knit for my baby. Although I’ve crocheted some booties and a hat for Baby W, this is my first piece of knitting for him.

I loved this pattern from Bergere de France so much that I had to make it even though it won’t fit until he’s a year old. How could anyone resist the cabling which ends up forming what seems to be a long-eared owl. Love it!

Being pregnant I made far more mistakes with this pattern than I normally do, which I found so frustrating. However, I persisted and finally SUCCESS. I will say though the instructions for the collar were not particularly clear and I don’t think my collar is as the instructions wanted but in the end, because I couldn’t totally work it out, I just did what seemed to work.

I couldn’t use the wool suggested by Bergere as my local wool shop no longer supplies Bergere products. I ended up using Katia Dolce Merino wool, colour 55. I find myself using more and more Katia products as their wool is good quality and always knits up well.


Of course I HAD to knit up the matching hat…it’s too gorgeous. I will say I had to adjust the pattern slightly as the owl was not centred on the ribbing. Although, this is not a big problem, it’s the sort of thing that would really bug me each time I saw it. It took a few goes and some calculations, but as you can see the owl is pretty much centred over the ribbing.

I used pom pom makers for the pom poms, but I find making pom pom makers out of cardboard is just as effective, albeit more time consuming.

Buttons! The pattern suggested mother of pearl buttons, but I just used some translucent ones I found which were the right size.


I can’t wait to see Baby W in this sweater and hat next winter.

Adding Buttons


We were very relieved that our second scan went well and everything is as it should be. Perhaps from the pictures it’s clear that we’re having a boy! It is clearly time to add the correct buttons to the booties. As usual, I picked a different button for each bootie


Getting into Crochet

Crochet is not something I find as easy as knitting, but there are so many lovely patterns out there I felt I had to learn. In April my husband and I found out I was pregnant! Obviously we’re excited for lots of reasons, but one of the reasons I’m excited is because I’m finally get to make knitted and crocheted things for my own baby. Whoop! I’ve crocheted a few little items for our baby. I found this blog which has great patterns and both booties and bib are patterns from this blog. They’re so bright and cheerful. Please check out RepeatCrafterMe.


These booties were the first crochet project for the baby. The buttons are meant to be sewn onto the side cuffs of both booties. At the time I made them I didn’t know whether they would need a blue or pink button. They didn’t take very long to make and I was able to use some wool leftovers instead of having to buy new wool. I always appreciate patterns which use up extra bits of wool.


This fantastic bib was the second crochet project from RepeatCrafterMe. Again, I was able to use some leftovers and I love the teeth hanging out of the monsters mouth! You can either use buttons for the eyes or crochet them. I made a second monster bib in different colours and crocheted the eyes for that one as I didn’t have any other black buttons.

I can’t enthuse enough about RepeatCrafterMe and I am really looking forward to using more of Sarah’s patterns.

Baby Girl


A dear friend was having a baby girl. I had made a blue sweater for her son when he was born and wanted to make something for her little girl. This is an item from a Katia pattern using Oxford wool. If you’re interested in the pattern here is the link. Katie Oxford Cardigan

What I liked about the wool was that is wasn’t just one colour. Mixtures of reds, purples and pinks as well as flecks of yellow, green and navy made for a lovely wool. On top of that, the pattern was easy to follow and the wool, easy to knit with.


One of the things I love doing is using different buttons, so as you can see I picked three buttons of slightly different colours and I was so excited to find the leaf button in the right colour.


I love this hat! The bobble on top, the two flowers and the interesting pearled edge make it stand out a little more than other knitted hats. The pattern required 3 flowers but I must admit I got a little bored and couldn’t be bothered to make a third. Plus I think it looks great the way it is. In this picture you can see the colours range of very pretty colours in the wool.

This was a quick, easy project and I would recommend Katia patterns and wool.

Finally Finished!

Over 18 months ago, I embarked on a knitting project for my husband Rob. I realised that after years of knitting I hadn’t made even one item for him. He picked out the pattern and wool and away I went. Unfortunately, there were a few problems along the way. I worked out my tension but obviously didn’t get it quite right. I knit the entire back only to realise when I held it up against Rob’s back that alas, it was far too small. I adjusted tension and started again getting about a third of the way up. “Hmm…, I wonder if this is still too small,” I thought. It was. Rather disappointingly, I had to unravel the blasted thing again. Having finally worked out the correct tension for the third time I started again.

Alas, for months I got no further. I did not want to look at the jumper for awhile so I worked on other things and eventually got back to it, picking it up and putting it down. Finally, at the end of March I finally finished the jumper and to my great relief and satisfaction it actually fit! Whoop! Extra bonus points!


For those of you with an expert eye, you will be able to see that the sleeves pucker slightly where they are sewn to the shoulders. For some reason where I had to shape the top of the sleeve it seemed to take more rows to complete than it should have and as a result they didn’t quite fit the arm holes.

The pattern and wool were both Bergere de France.

Little Projects


I am the sort of knitter/crafter who always has a big project on the go. My big project for the last few months is a complex sweater I’m knitting for my husband. IMG_0682So when a little project pops up it refreshes me and gives me a little more enthusiasm. It’s nice to break up those big jobs with something simple to change the pace.

As I’ve mentioned many times before I subscribe to Mollie Makes magazine and IMG_0687every month a free gift usually in the form of a small project comes with it. I don’t often make these little projects as they aren’t something I am interested in or need. This month, however, I received the magazine on Thursday and by Saturday night I had made it!


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