Finally Finished!

Over 18 months ago, I embarked on a knitting project for my husband Rob. I realised that after years of knitting I hadn’t made even one item for him. He picked out the pattern and wool and away I went. Unfortunately, there were a few problems along the way. I worked out my tension but obviously didn’t get it quite right. I knit the entire back only to realise when I held it up against Rob’s back that alas, it was far too small. I adjusted tension and started again getting about a third of the way up. “Hmm…, I wonder if this is still too small,” I thought. It was. Rather disappointingly, I had to unravel the blasted thing again. Having finally worked out the correct tension for the third time I started again.

Alas, for months I got no further. I did not want to look at the jumper for awhile so I worked on other things and eventually got back to it, picking it up and putting it down. Finally, at the end of March I finally finished the jumper and to my great relief and satisfaction it actually fit! Whoop! Extra bonus points!


For those of you with an expert eye, you will be able to see that the sleeves pucker slightly where they are sewn to the shoulders. For some reason where I had to shape the top of the sleeve it seemed to take more rows to complete than it should have and as a result they didn’t quite fit the arm holes.

The pattern and wool were both Bergere de France.

Little Projects


I am the sort of knitter/crafter who always has a big project on the go. My big project for the last few months is a complex sweater I’m knitting for my husband. IMG_0682So when a little project pops up it refreshes me and gives me a little more enthusiasm. It’s nice to break up those big jobs with something simple to change the pace.

As I’ve mentioned many times before I subscribe to Mollie Makes magazine and IMG_0687every month a free gift usually in the form of a small project comes with it. I don’t often make these little projects as they aren’t something I am interested in or need. This month, however, I received the magazine on Thursday and by Saturday night I had made it!

Bamboozle Me!

IMG_0449Just back from a short break up to Whitby. Whilst there I found a lovely shop in an old church called ‘Bobbins’. A couple owns the shop and they have lots of fun wools to knit with. I saw this and had to have it. How could anyone refuse?IMG_0463

As you can see it has blobs of wools that are thicker than the rest. In order to make these stand out you use an alternative stocking stitch. This means that when you are knitting you purl with the blob and knit with the blob when you should be purling. The result makes it stand out more.

IMG_0458 IMG_0459

This colour is called Neopolitan but of course there are many more. This wool is a mixture with Bamboo, Wool and Acrylic and it knits pretty well although it can be difficult to keep your stitch size consistent. Working out if you have the correct tension is also a challenge, but worth it in the end!

Gorgeous Sweaters

I love Bergere de France! They come up with fantastic patterns that leave the old granny cardigans to shame! First article of evidence is this beautiful knitted dress:

Second article for evidence is this lovely cape.

As I always seem to be knitting things for everyone except my husband, a long while ago I started to knit a Berger de France men’s sweater. It is classed as an ‘expert’ knit. The back is very straight forward, but the front involves 4 different cables going on at the same time.


As you can see the cabling is fantastic but rather complex. It is worth it – my husband will look great wearing this, but until then, it’s taking a while. The other difficulty is that the whole thing is done on 3.5mm needles so it takes rather a long time to get anywhere. I will say the way Bergere organise their pattern instructions seems much more straight forward than  most British patterns.


I still have the sleeves and neck to do, so it will still be awhile before it’s complete. It’s our 7th wedding anniversary this coming March and the traditional gift is wool – now I just have to get it done!

It’s too early for Christmas, but…


A bauble cosy!

Once a month I host a little craft group with some ladies from my church. Normally we all bring along our current projects. I am going to break with tradition for our next meeting. We’re going to be making bauble ‘cosies’! Never heard of a bauble cosy? Neither had I until the lovely Mollie Makes published a few patterns in Issue 46. I used the basic pattern and sewed in some sequins! I’ve never sewn with sequins before, but I’m relatively pleased with my first sparkly attempt.


Pattern options available in Mollie Makes

There are more complex patterns in them magazine as well, but this simple bauble cosy shows you don’t need to do anything particularly complex to create a Yuletide look.  Below is a picture of the options in pattern provided by the magazine. I’m sure it is possible to change the patterns further and incorporate shapes like stars into your bauble cosy.

I can’t wait to see what the other ladies in the group will do for theirs!

Thanks Mollie!

20140814_153828Things haven’t been so crafty, let alone knitty in awhile in my household. A busy final term of school and getting a puppy at the beginning of the school holidays has kept me busy. However, thanks to the magazine MollieMakes. Each issue has a good range of project patterns to do as well as always sending a little free project with materials. They are usually quick projects that won’t take much time and can get you back into crafts even when you’ve been absent for a few months.

I haven’t made many of these projects, however in the latest issue, issue 43, they included a Summer Cherry Brooch. It is a crochet pattern. The instructions were clear and I got it done pretty quickly. Below is a picture of the finished result. I think I crochet the leaves a little too tightly as they look bigger in the kit.


Another project I completed using a Mollie Makes pattern is a dog bed using an unused jumper. It needed no spectacular sewing and was very quick to make. Winifred the puppy does have a tendency to chew the bed, but as it only cost the price of the batting it doesn’t matter if she ruins it. Happy puppy! Thanks Mollie Makes!



A Cardigan for Mother

2014-01-11 12.29.19

My mom kindly gave me some blue wool that she had intended to make a sweater out of. I knew I wouldn’t use this wool for myself, but didn’t know yet what to do with it. I found a nice pattern from a magazine to use. It wasn’t the sort of sweater I would wear, but thought it would suit my mom perfectly. So after adjusting the tension rather a lot off I went.  The windy leaf pattern was quite complex but the more I knitted, the easier it became. I was really pleased with the result and after starting it sometime in April, finished it Christmas Eve!!!! There was definitely a sprint to the finish line to get it done in time for Christmas. Nothing like leaving it to the last minutes.

I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the pattern. The wool is Patons ‘Fairytale’. It’s not the best wool I’ve knitted with, but the end result was good.


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