Scrummy Seconds

This is the blanket so far with the second round of colours done.  It’s taken a lot longer to do this round of colours as I’ve had a few issues with dizziness. Dizziness and crochet just don’t mix!


For those of you who are keen-eyed you’ll see that it’s a little narrower at the top than the bottom. I’m not very good at making sure I have the same number of stitches in each row. In the first section the blanket increased in width but now seems to be DECREASING in width!!! What?? I don’t know what’s going on either. Never mind I’ll keep going and try to increase the stitches…


On a positive note, I LOVE the colours. I wasn’t sure about them to start with but this blanket is so cheerful. I like that it has bright colours and darker more subtle colours. There also seems to be a bit of a blue theme.

I think I’ve made this bigger than suggested but I don’t mind. I’ll keep going until I run out of wool! On that note I must get going as I already have my next project lined up!



The Beginning

Well I’ve been working on the Attic 24 blanket for a week or so and already I’ve gotten through all 15 colours.


I’m so pleased with how it looks so far. So bright and cheerful. I will admit I accidentally added on 4 extra stitches. I kept wondering why it was getting wider! I went back to the Attic 24 website and found my mistake. Rather than unravel what I’ve done I’m just going to carry on with the extra stitches. You may also notice my ends are not sewn in. Lucy suggested sewing them in as you go along. I always sew in at the end so I’m sticking with tradition. I’m sure I’ll be irritated with myself when I have to do it all at the end. I am impatient I’m afraid and I’ll pay for it later!


My next task is to decide on the order of the colours for the next section. Looking forward to the next section!

The Rehabilitation of a Wool Snob

IMG_2003I am a self-confessed wool snob. If the wool contains silk, merino, bamboo, alpaca or 100% wool you can guarantee I’ll love it. If it is made of 100% acrylic you can be sure I’ll turn my nose up at it. As you can imagine, I always spend a little too much on wool. What’s a knitting/crocheting enthusiast to do about this expensive snobbery?

Well in the end practicality won me over. I follow a blog called Attic24. The lovely Lucy who is behind the blog has made some beautiful crocheted blankets. They are relatively simple but because she chooses bright colours they stand out and look stunning. Lucy has posted instructions for these blankets with pictures to help guide you along the way. This is great for someone like me, whose biggest crochet project was a set of two bibs.
Lucy has also negotiated with a wool shop to provide the exact sets of wool she used to customers who want to make her colourful creations. I checked on the shop website for this and the wool of Lucy’s choice surprised me!

The wool was…drumroll please… Stylecraft Special DK! IMG_2000This wool is 100% acrylic! What? But it’s so colourful and easy to work with! Well, I was sold. I popped to my local wool shop to pick up my 15 balls of wool. This wool is great. It comes in so many colours, is so easy to work with, washes beautifully, and is relatively inexpensive. What good value! I’m making a blanket big enough for a single bed for less than £30! Brilliant.

The blanket I chose to make from Attic24 is the Cosy Stripe blanket. It’s beautiful and although I’ve chose different colours to Lucy and moved away from the rainbow order of colours, I’m enjoying sitting on my sofa crocheting and watching the bright colours come together to make a fun blanket.


Booties Take 2!


My son has very big feet. He’s only three months old but the socks that fit him are size 6-12months. In fact, so far all of the sleepsuits he’s worn have squished his feet every so slightly because they are so big! As a result the lovely green and blue booties I crocheted for him before he was born are much too small. Time for some new ones!

My husband had a look on Ravelry for me to pick out some booties he liked. He found this sweet pattern  so I set to work. I will admit, I am relatively new to crochet and I don’t always understand the patters so I tend to just do what I think it right. I didn’t quite get it right on this one because I had to make the pattern larger to fit George’s feet.

The above left booties looks the way it should but I didn’t get the right bootie straps quite right. Nevermind. They fit and still look rather sweet.

The wool I used is an Aran wool in a rich blue with lovely bright specks throughout. I’m afraid I’ve had this wool for awhile and have lost the label telling me what it is… As always, none of the buttons are the same! I just picked out four from my button collection.


I Love Elephants!


Oh elephants! I love them so much I had to make an elephant toy for my son! Thankfully, a book I mentioned in a precious post, ‘One Skein Wonders for Babies’, had an elephant toy/cloth. Everything except the ears is knitted in the round and was very easy to make. I used the leftover wool from the Owl jumper, also mentioned in a previous blog, to make it as it seemed a good colour for an elephant.


I made a couple of mistakes as I knitted thisIMG_2014 in the first month after having me son and baby brain had
definitely taken hold. I am really pleased with it though and George seems keen to hold it and of course put it in his mouth. Yummy!




I love dungarees whether they’re for children or adults! Not great for looking your most gorgeous but fun and comfortable. I was kindly given a book called ‘One Skein Wonders for Babies’ as a Christmas present! What a perfect gift whose baby was born just before Chrismas. There is a pair of dungarees in this book that I desperately wanted to make however as I made them I realised there was no way I was going to finish them in time. My son at 3 and a half months is now wearing 6-9 month clothing! I had already bought the wool and was desperate to make some dungarees.

I had a quick look online and found a pattern by Debbie Bliss called ‘Florence‘. Like the dungarees in One Skein Wonders this pattern uses moss stitch for the straps. However these are shorts rather than trousers which means I could make the bigger size I required without buying more wool. I merged what I liked from both patterns to make dungarees I was really pleased with.

I used two different wools for these dungarees. The main green body is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. This wool is so soft and great to work with. The end result is a crisp, clean garment. One of the best things about this wool is that it comes in so many colours. My husband loves green so the colour I chose was ‘002 Apple’. I then needed another wool that would complement this soft green colour. I found SirdarSnuggly Smiley Stripes in colour 256 ‘Giggly Green’. This has lovely bright blues as well as shades of green which are very similar to the apple baby cashmerino I used. Perfect. Below is the result – I’m so pleased with how the colours work together.


It took rather a long time to get these finished as looking after a 3 month old baby doesn’t give much time for knitting. It was definitely worth the time I spent on it and I can’t wait until it fits my son!

So Satisfying!

What’s more satisfying than when you finish an exciting knitting project to find it fits perfectly? Well, in knitting there is no greater satisfaction as far as I’m concerned! As this very gorgeous 3 day old model demonstrates, it’s brilliant when a homemade knit fits the way you want it to!



Thank you, dear George. You’ve demonstrated my point perfectly.

Equally there is nothing more disappointing than making a knitted item and it doesn’t fit and doesn’t look good. I’ve made a fair few of those in the past but thankfully as I make more and more items this seems to happen less and less. Keep practising and you will get better.

If you’re interested in this wool or pattern please see my previous post.


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